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Preventitive Maintenance

HVAC Preventitive Maintenance Guide For Home/Business Owners.

When the seasons change so will your HVAC needs. As the new season approaches it may be time to look into what you can do from home to ensure you are keeping up with your system and getting the most out of it.

Having a licensed technician come out to do a routine maintenace check-up to see the overall health of your system is always a great idea and highly recommened, but what are some of the steps you can take in-between these check-ups to prolong the life of your system? Here’s a few for starters.

Visual & Audible Inspection

  • Ensure there are no major visual damages to the coils or any other components of the unit.
  • Inspect your air filters for dust or build-up that may be effecting the performance of your system (Replace when needed).
  • Check for water around the unit.
  • Flush out your condesate line with water to ensure any debris is flushed out.
  • Make sure your unit sounds normal, and no loud hissing, banging, or ratteling is present.

If you do these steps listed above and you find a issue or something does not seem right, schedule a technician to come take a closer look at your system.

How we at Hevert Heating and Air can Help

  • Schedule us out for a routine preventitive maintenace to ensure your system stays operating properly.
  • Contact us for regular or emergency services if your system stops operating.
  • Get us to come out and give you an estimate on replacing your old system or installing a new one to your home or business.

We take pride in keeping our customers informed and take it upon ourselves to make sure your heating and cooling needs are meant.

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